Coffee Themed subscription Box concept for coursework

People have been drinking coffee for hundreds of years. It has become a gigantic part of our culture and personal lives. While sometimes this means a frantic experience of running in and out of a shop or rushing through a drive through on your way to work, I believe that the true coffee experience can be enhanced by slowing down, waiting, smelling the coffee as it brews, and giving yourself time to reflect.

That's why I paired coffee samples with art and literature for this monthly subscription concept. It's also why I chose steam as a visual cue that says "Coffee is coming, but wait for it." This service is geared toward people who are looking for a time in their day to slow down and enjoy the wait.


Coffee Sample bags include information about the roaster and the specific coffee. Though the bag itself is branded by Steam Savant, the label is meant to promote the roaster.


Each month, subscribers receive a carefully chosen reading to stimulate their minds. It will be short enough to read during their coffee break, or while waiting for the French press to steep. These pamphlets are titled brewminations — a combination of brew and rumination — to reflect the contemplative nature of the reading.

Small pieces of artwork will also be included by a different artist each month.


Branded shipping box rendered in Blender