Euro Type

I helped chaperone a group of high school students on a trip to Italy and Greece over Spring Break 2017. While we were there, I made it a personal mission to document any type or lettering that stood out to me.

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I participated in the 6th Annual Bronco Appathon last weekend with a few of my classmates. This event is mostly filled with computer science and GIMM students, and we were the only Graphic Design team participating. As designers, we couldn't resist making our own team shirts. 

Our team was named after the recently discovered TRAPPIST-1 system of planets.

I drew up this shirt design based on NASA mission patches. The design includes 4 planets to represent the team, smartphones to represent the appathon, and a slice of pizza because we heard there would be pizza all weekend and because pizza.

Below is me being excited about how the shirts came out, followed by the whole team being excited about winning three of the five prizes! We're calling it the Winner's Wiggle.


Personal Logo Process


Personal Logo Process

As I grow closer to graduation, I'm beginning to develop my personal brand. Today I worked on a personal logo. 

I started out with several concepts from sketches and narrowed it down to one visual that I feel works well.

Developing a design is one of my favorite parts of the process. I enjoy trying different things and refining the one idea that is working best.


I started with the top single stroke design, and left it behind in favor of using the negative space, and then tried using triangles for a minimal design before I tried the dark colored blocks.

Here I tried a variety of relationships between the two blocks.

I feel like the bottom two monochromatic designs work best because they show a legible separation between the two symbols and they are most easily recognized.


Patterns and repetition help add cohesiveness to a brand's visual identity.

I enjoy the way these symbols can be turned into patterns to be used in various contexts and materials.

The symbols look good with or without outlines, depending on their setting.

My final design is simple, versatile, and instantly recognizable.


Claw Growth Animation


Claw Growth

I've been scavenging my old sketchbooks finding funky things to practice animation with. 

Animation made in Adobe Illustrator and After Effects.

Happy New Year Animation


Happy New Year!

Animation made in Adobe Illustrator and After Effects to celebrate the new year.

U Lock it or U Lose it


Poster design created for the Cycle Learning Center at Boise State University to promote U Locks and educate the campus community about how to protect their bicycles.